Company overview

TECH-ARROW has built a significant presence in the enterprise IT segment in the last few years. The product portfolio of next generation information management, archiving, processing, and migration products have won the trust of hundreds of customers around the globe, coming from different industry sectors, many listed on Fortune 500. Headquartered in Bratislava, with offices in the US, Germany and Hong Kong, we have built a strong and loyal customer base supporting thousands of users worldwide, and our offerings are available all around the globe-both directly and through business partners. How were we able to that in short time period? The core team of the company is built from IT professionals working together over a decade in a friendly atmosphere, all being experts in the world of information management and archiving, such as emails, files and documents. Our new products, contentACCESS – information management and archive, contentGATE – data migration and officeGATE – productivity and effectivity for Outlook are focusing on O365, Exchange, Windows server, SharePoint and other third party sources are, in some aspects already ahead the competition. We have also managed to create the first and only unified information management platform running on MS Azure with a tight integration with O365. TECH-ARROW aims to help you reach your targets by using the latest technology and analytical expertise.


growth during the last year

of satisfied customers worldwide

licenses sold in 2016




D as Diversified

Our team worked with over 4000 customers worldwide so far, listing many industries from governmental to defense and intelligence organizations. Many of our customers are listed in Fortune 500, from education to medical field, from automotive to retail, property management, development or services organizations. We made business on small, medium to large scale. Our customers talk for us on the software and services quality we provide. The excellent quality and support we provide for our customers has allowed our business to grow 300% in the lats year.

I as Innovative

We know that innovation is not an instant process so finding new ways for creating software products for you is our everyday effort. Being innovative means for us, that we are adapting quickly and taking new challenges to stay on the road of the continuous improvement. We have come through many-many challenges over the last years. It’s not always been easy, but we’ve learnt a lot along the way. Hard work and good ideas brought about their results. Today, we have dozens of successful projects and clients, and we are ready for the next part of our innovative journey.


R as Responsible

We are aware, that protecting data is severely important for everyone of us. The loss of vital company data can lead to enormous problems in the future. However, the means of how to protect them is always a big challenge. TECH-ARROW provides you with the most reliable, most trusted solutions of how to protect your sensitive information, which is the key to your successful businesses.

E as Empathy

The future of our children is very important for us. We care about them, we support every good cause and many organizations trying to build a better future for the next generations. That’s why we launched our “Merry Christmas 2015” charity campaign in which for every 10 followers on our Facebook page we donated 1 Euro to the Children of Slovakia Foundation.


C as Commited

We believe in total customer satisfaction and quality management. We believe in going the extra ‘mile’ for our customers. We will work with You to meet your needs in every possible way. We are a strong, fair partner to our customers. When we give our word, they can rely on it, just like our software solutions.
Because we know: Your success is our success:)

T as Team spirit

We don`t like hierarchical thinking and overcomplicated solutions and prefer working together to get the best possible results. We encourage personal responsibility and a constant dialog between everyone involved. And last, but not least, we also have a sense of humor, which helps us to get through the harder periods as well :).