contentACCESS Framework

Archiving files from local and remote file servers, processing documents from Office 365, MS Exchange and SharePoint.


contentACCESS is a modular framework which is primarily designed for processing emails from MS Exchange or Office 365, files from file servers or documents from any ECM system. The processed documents can be stored in various 3rd party archive or storage systems on premise as well as on cloud. contentACCESS provides a simple way of just implementing the actual processing task and writing to an archive system of your choice. It also provides methods for accessing stored content regardless of the target, providing unified access.

Get your own plug-in

Manage your time

Store your documents

Build custom plugins using the services provided by the contentACCESS API
Set up automated rules and scheduled processing
There are built-in store providers, but you can have your own one

Have an overview

Get connected

contentACCESS keeps track of every action done by the framework
Mobile app and web access, MS Outlook integration


Check out how contentACCESS can help and boost the daily work processes in your company.

Framework services

contentACCESS provides the following services:

  • Scheduling framework: The scheduling framework provides a framework for planned execution of the PlugIns implemented. Each PlugIn can have his own schedule and execution settings.
  • Monitoring and logging framework: The monitoring framework is providing methods for writing current state of the plugins into a database. It has a positive and negative entry for each plugin, so its last status can be checked by frameworks like Nagios and similar. The Logging framework provides methods for the plugins to log their process, execution status, success, failure etc., whereas each entry is written into database table.
  • Processing PlugIn provider: Each processing plugin is derived from the same base plugin, which provides methods for accessing the content, also crawling and processing the fetched data. The framework is using the contentGATE Exchange connector interface to connecting to MS Exchange and Office 365 using MAPI, Outlook Anywhere or Exchange Web Services. The crawling method is configurable and is offering different optimizations for different use cases. The crawled data can be filtered by for example folder white and black lists, data age, size or any specific property. The plugin selects the crawling method, the filtering and the target storage and is focusing only on the data processing. A typical use case is to archive emails into an archive system, or to export to a file system, etc.
  • Storage PlugIn provider: Each provider implements the interfaces of the common storage interface. The storage provider implements methods for connecting to 3rd party systems, writing and accessing binary content and metadata information.
  • The contentACCESS framework is offering the following storage providers out of the box: simple disc storage, MS Azure, SharePoint, iTernity.
  • contentWEB: contentWEB is a web application running in browsers and also on mobiles, which provides an easy to use interface for accessing processed and stored content. Its functions include folder browsing, item listing, item paging, item filtering and searching and accessing email as MSG or EML files.
  • accessGATE for Mobile: is a mobile content access application enhancing your Document Management and Electronic Content Management Systems. It can be used as extension to contentACCESS or a stand-alone solution providing mobile access to your company. Have your data available anytime, anywhere.
  • contentACCESS client access and WEB Services: contentACCESS provides an API for executing plugins on demand, manually processing emails using plugins, unified access of processed elements.
  • contentACCESS Legacy Archive Connector: This service ensures a secure access to your old emails anytime, anywhere. Replace your old archive with our cutting-edge solution, while saving yourself from the pain of migrating the data!