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It has become necessary for many organizations to move their email archives from an on-premise email environment to Office 365. The reasons may vary: adoption of SaaS based offerings, corporate reorganizations, a change in archiving requirements, or displacing legacy hardware or software. For larger companies, there’s an additional benefit to moving to Office 365. It could be the last time they had to get new software, servers, and storage for their email environment!
There’s little question that your organization can save money moving to Microsoft Office 365, but the planning and processes involved in transitioning from an established infrastructure to a cloud environment is a major undertaking.
The transition to the cloud is not one to be taken lightly. Microsoft is doing its best to help smooth the process – there are numerous guides and tools, making the migration of your on-premises mailboxes to Exchange Online possible. All versions of the Microsoft Exchange server are supported as a source of emails, and you can transfer the data stored in 3rd-party solutions like Lotus Notes or GroupWise. However, there is a common problem you might encounter.

What about your email archive?

Most companies have an email archiving software running around the clock, because of compliance, litigation, and technical reasons. Email archive solutions are usually replacing the original emails in the users’ mailboxes with so-called “stubs”, or sometimes, they remove the emails from the Exchange server. Migrating only the mailbox content to Office 365 would cause data loss, and you would get a bunch of non-functional shortcuts. All mails previously moved to the archive would be inaccessible. How to solve this problem?

Don’t lose data!

Just because you are moving to the cloud does not mean you need to leave your existing email behind. There is a way to make the move to the cloud complete. contentGATE is a migration product specially developed to solve Office 365 migration scenarios. It supports numerous legacy email archives, like Symantec/Veritas Enterprise Vault, Opentext / IXOS, EMC Email Xtender, Autonomy / Zantaz EAS, Metalogix Archive Manager, Mimosa Nearpoint, Saperion ELM, d.velop d3, Easy XBase, HP IAP, IBM Content Collector, iQ.Suite Store and Quest Archive Manager.

The choice is yours!

  • Email archive migration to Office 365 mailboxes and archive mailboxes
  • PST import to Office 365 mailboxes
  • On Premise Exchange mailbox to Office 365 mailbox
  • Restoring legacy shortcuts and replacing them with original email content
  • Switch to mycompanyarchive.com, our powerful and fully compliant Office 365 archive, powered by Microsoft Azure

All this is possible with contentGATE, the migration tool giving administrators the ability to perform mailbox migration to Office 365.

Why contentGATE?

contentGATE combines user-friendliness and easy handling with rich functionality, helping you to handle complex migration scenarios. You gain full control of the migration process and can set up what to migrate, how, and when. contentGATE can retrieve the shortcuts of the legacy archive or transform them to shortcuts of the new one. There is no downtime and break of the service for the end users. You can prepare the target system in the background and switch over once the migration is finished. The migration process is schedulable and fast, compliant with the legal and with your company’s regulations. Every operation is logged, you can see whether every item has been migrated correctly.
contentGATE gives you the flexibility to determine how much data you want to migrate, which reduces costs, minimizes management, and improves server performance, with zero impact on your end users.
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This video will show you the steps of how to migrate your mailbox folders from Saperion Email Lifecycle Manager (ELM) to Office 365. Let’s check how it works!




Have an overview of everything that happens during the migration
Choose whether you want to migrate all data or just a subset
No need to restrict access during the migration



Maintain a direct connection to source and target archive
Advanced configuration and resource allocation

Let the professionals do the job!

We know how to handle legacy archives. We address the possible issues, and we have a plan for you to migrate to Office 365 successfully. contentGATE makes the task of moving your local Exchange archive to the cloud a simple and straightforward process.
Our aim is to achieve the highest standard of excellence in helping your business meet your objective for data migration. Our consultants will work side by side with you to determine your organization’s specific requirements, creating a roadmap for your migration in advance to help make even the largest scale migrations organized, manageable, and efficient. With several hundreds of migrations and 20 years’ experience in archiving, your email archives are in safe hands as you migrate to Office 365.

Our advanced data migration technology dramatically accelerates your email archive migration timeline. You can cancel your legacy archive maintenance contract almost immediately!

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Make it safe!

Tailored migration with full control of the process.
100% migration, including archived data and client shortcuts.
Preserve chain-of-custody with full audit trail of each item moved.
Preserve the folder structure of the source data.
Fully compliant, no changes or transformation are made during the migration process.

Do it wiser!

Zero impact on the live systems – prepare the target in background and switch over.
Freedom of choice whether to migrate all data or only a subset.
Incremental migration – both email archives can co-exist.
Remove legacy shortcuts from mailboxes.
Achieve optimum speed, thanks to cutting-edge performance techniques.


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