officeGATE version 3.1 – details

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The following list will give a quick overview about the newest improvements that officeGATE version 3.1 brings to you:

✓ Offline cache limitation for date and size: Do not overfill your disk with unnecessary files – limit the space used by offline files and set the age filter for offline files that can be synchronized. This will make your officeGATE experience much faster and smoother.

Control over the displayed buttons: Now it is possible to disable the following buttons – Show/Hide Panel, Share with contentACCESS and Email archive buttons (archive, restore, search). The Show/Hide Panel can be disabled only by the administrator in configuration file, other buttons can be managed also by users.

✓ SharePoint browsing performance: SharePoint servers are now connected only on demand, the first level (connection) is now cached when the user connects for the first time – this will speed up the loading a lot, since the connection will only need to be reloaded after refresh!