TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter

Make your work comfortable in a Windows dominant office


What is TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter?

TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter is a collection of small and useful utilities that are primarily focused at people working in a Windows dominant office environment with a weak Mac support.


  • Open MS Windows shortcuts (.LNK files). You can open shortcuts created MS Windows just as any other file!
  • View thumbnails for shortcuts in the Finder.
  • New Browser Extensions will open links to local or shared (“file://”) files via TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter’s Windows Link function directly by clicking on the link in your browser.
  • Works with El Capitan and also older MAC OS.
  • Quicklook support: Quicklook will show, where the shortcut points to.
  • Enhanced Mapping of shares with arbitrary path.
  • Copy filename paths or URL: this service enables the user to copy a path or a URL into the clipboard.
  • Path copy can also produce Paths with backslashes (\) for Windows. You can share such path with Windows users.
  • Support for CIFS
  • An alias can be generated with a simple double-click action, there is no need for activating this feature in the System Preferences.


  • Transparent opening of MS Windows shortcuts (.LNK files) on you MAC!
  • Ensures easy access to local or shared files;
  • Saves times by enabling to copy the string directly into a Webpage without any adaptations (WEB URI confirm);
  • You can view the location where the shortcut points to;
  • Possibility to select the way a drive is mounted if needed (smb, cifs, asp);
  • Use Apple Alias to open the document directly without using the TECH-ARROW’s WinShortcutter application.
  • Configurable support for DFS.
  • Add the Windows drive mappings that are used in your office, so that you can also use text shortcuts in emails, that use the drive letters.