contentGATE migration – The Concepts

cg_migrating_o365 The contentGATE product developed by TECH-ARROW has a complex feature set and can generally be used in numerous conceptual scenarios, but what’s the main reason why data migration is necessary in the first place. You can look for reasons in the technology market itself, like for instance when certain technology service providers drop off the map, or simply your decision could be driven by the price factor, but realistically speaking these are not necessarily the real-life reasons why you would come to need a migration product. Frankly, if you’re reading this article or if you’re watching our online product demonstration you already have your reasons clearly marked and there’s no real point in us highlighting them to you. Just for the sake of argument though, what we see from real-life experience is that in any industry companies get sold and bought, and thus together with the acquisitions, the corporate data and processes consolidation needs emerge. In a nut-shell what happens is that the buyer will impose the acquired company to submit to the new corporate standards, and so processes need be redefined, relatively similar business solutions swap places. In other words the staff of the acquired company will need to continue doing its same daily business tasks, but slightly in a different way because the mother-company systems are to be used instead. Naturally all of this has within the clear reason of putting all data together so that future stats and reports can include the acquired businesses figures next to the corporate ones. Only like this the price paid for the acquisition can be justified in the board meetings to say at least. Getting back on the real-life technology needs, you find yourself as an IT manager researching the easiest, and most time&cost effective method you can go with in order to ingest all the legacy business data of the acquired company into the systems your company uses. That’s a great challenge and you know you have to ensure of its success 100%. Else, you know you’ll be spending your nights after the working day is long over, waiting for progress bars to finish, instead of being close to your family or friends. Else, you know that you’ll be spending more in mandays and sick-leave costs than probably the entire value of the business intelligence systems altogether in the first place. This easily applies to Archive, CRM, DMS, or any other data storage systems in case. TECH-ARROW is here to emphasize that no business system is necessarily any better than the other and as a matter of fact there were most probably very good reasons why those systems were used by the acquired company. However you need to migrate and ingest multiple terabytes of data in a fast, secure and human-error prune way. Here is when contentGATE comes in handy. It can connect to multiple business legacy systems and build a bridge for your data to go across from A to B. You get multiple threads and can finally be able to see what time-frame you’re looking at till you reach the migration finish line. The data is passed block-level because contentGATE connects to the backbone of your source and target systems, and passed data through without the user being disturbed or client-end interfered with in any way. Simply when the migration’s done you can announce your users to have a look into the new system as all their historical data is already in there. The migrations you start with contentGATE run head-to-tail without interruption and if errors occur, these are being logged and a retry cycle comes in place. We secure your way to complete, time&cost effective and hassle-free data migrations, but also ensure to be able to help you customize and tailor the migrations to your needs and that includes filters to define how exactly the data will be migrated, or if you’re aiming to achieve single instance, federated index&search or domain change per say.