Security-fitness with contentACCESS

Getting more fit in the new year is a typical decision. Considering that people nowadays spend much more time online than in a gym, the beginning of the new year might be the right time to improve your security “fitness” as well. If you want to be fit in the digital world, you will need to make certain steps to eliminate the security risks: first of all, never fail to change passwords, update network systems and adopt improved security solutions.

It’s not the first time that TECH-ARROW has raised the security awarness of his flagship products. Our aim is to protect your sensitive corporate information from any third-party access using the most cutting edge DMS and archive technologies, yet ensuring for you an oversimple access to the crucial data anytime, anywhere. Our contentACCESS Email Archive ensures, that your links in your mailbox, pointing to your important archive data are also password protected and encrypted, and cannot be utilized by unauthorized users.

For many companies, archiving in the cloud can make more sense from both a cost and productivity perspective. This is due to reduced capital and labor costs, and less infrastructure requirements. From this reason, TECH-ARROW provides both on-premise and cloud archive solutions for the customers. Our cloud email archive, supports 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available. With this feature, your data are automatically encrypted prior to persisting to the Azure storage and decrypted prior to retrieval. Because your security in the cloud is our top priority.