Secure file-sharing in Outlook

Email is the leading communication platform in the world, we use it every single day for sharing information. Outlook is our main tool for sending documents. This operation, which seems very simple, has a lot of caveats in the background.
The first is size limitation, usually it is a problem even to send a document over 10MB. Sending huge files via email is also the Exchange administrator’s nightmare, as the files are stored in the Exchange databases in multiple copies, taking up a lot of space. Mailbox quotas are reached very fast. Some are uploading files to Dropbox or OneDrive, which might solve the space problem, but it’s still not the perfect solution. Another issue is security. You have no overview, who was opening the document you sent, and whether it was forwarded.
officeGATE, together with contentACCESS, offers you a solution for this problem, which guarantees you secure handling and storing of your files. All contentACCESS users gain access to a special folder called “My shares”, which is accessible under contentACCESS’s “Sharing” in the officeGATE pane. When uploading a file to the “My share” folder the application automatically generates a link pointing to the file, and the user can send this link with other users.

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There are two options how to upload a big file that you want to share: the first is from the toolbar using the “Share with contentACCESS” button, the second is by using the “Share new file” option from the context menu of “My shares” folder.
Before finally uploading the desired file, a pop-up with availability settings will open. Here you can set expiration date (the time period of keeping the file in “My share” folder) and download limit for your file. Your data are handled and stored securely.