How to migrate your ELM email archives to Office 365 and why to choose contentGATE for this task

Office 365 is becoming the most popular cloud solution for companies of all sizes. The reasons behind this popularity may vary: change in the IT requirements, displacing legacy software, modernizing and unifying the IT infrastructure, etc. The transition to cloud isn’t that simple and even though Microsoft is doing its best to help smooth the process, there is a common problem which many people encountered. Most companies have some legacy archiving solutions running, and most of the solutions are replacing original emails with shortcuts or removing data from the mailboxes. Therefore migrating only the mailbox content will result in data loss and many non-functional shortcuts.  

Don’t worry, TECH-ARROW has exactly the solution that you need – contentGATE!

contentGATE is a product that was specially developed to solve Office 365 migration scenarios. It supports numerous legacy archives, including Saperion ELM, and combines user-friendlines with rich functionality. The user gains full control of the migration process and can determine how much data will be migrated at once. contentGATE is able to retrieve the legacy shortcuts or transform them to shortcuts of the new archive. Safely. Quickly. Efficiently.

We at TECH-ARROW know how to handle legacy email archive systems. Our consultants will work side by side with you to create the most suitable migration plans for your needs. If you need a tool that will simplify your migration task, do not hesitate to contact us and choose contentGATE!