Microsoft warns of new tech support scams that use phishing tactics

Online scammers are always modifying and evolving their ploys, and one of the latest such scams involves spam email that resembles tech support messages from well-known companies and retailers, designed to get victims to click suspect links or call in for fake support, according to Microsoft.

The company recently posted a related warning on its Windows Security blog. From that post:

  According to Skyhigh Networks, which remediated the attack, the perpetrators used popular cloud service platforms to conduct a persistent attack to log into corporate Office 365 accounts. The campaign had a “slow-and-low” pattern of coordinated attacks on high-value targets, including more than 100,000 failed Office 365 logins from 67 IP addresses and 12 networks. The attempts in all targeted 48 different organizations…  
Fake Amazon order cancellation email, in which the order number is a suspicious link.

Source: Windows Central