The best way to preserve all forms of relevant information

When litigation is reasonably anticipated, it is important to have and preserve all forms of relevant information and to be able to manage legal hold processes.
Are you afraid that you are not keeping your data for a required time set by the country or your company? That the data is not stored in an unchangeable format, that you cannot export and use it in case of need? To ensure that it won’t happen, TECH-ARROW has extended the Legal hold feature in contentACCESS! The feature allows the users to create Legal hold cases that can be later filled with documents and/or emails. Each case can have its own expiration date set, which prevents deleting or modifying documents in the system until the case is closed. Permissions can be also set for the cases – they give a user the right to view and edit the case, or on the other hand they can restrain him from doing so if he wasn’t assigned the necessary ones.   people world - Earth. In the background blurred photos
In case you need to export your data and provide it to a local authority or your legal department – no problem, contentACCESS offer multiple options to do so. The accredited users can export emails and files as ZIP packages, PSTs or single MSG/EML files.

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Have your data always preserved for the required time – use contentACCESS and all of its features! If you are interested, do not hesitate!