contentACCESS 3.4 – Secure archiving and GDPR compliance hand in hand

contentACCESS 3.4 – Secure archiving and GDPR compliance hand in hand

The brand-new version of contentACCESS, the next generation archiving software, is now available for download. There are many new features in the version 3.4, making contentACCESS the most innovative email, file and SharePoint archiving software on the market.          

New contentACCESS Mobile app for Android and iOS

contentACCESS Mobile provides direct access to essential company IT systems, like your email, file and SharePoint archive, your mail server (MS Exchange, Lotus Notes), your file-shares and document stores, archive systems and any other CRM/DMS/ECM/ERP. No more decisions based on outdated information, you will have access to all sources of information at your fingertips.
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New archiving features in contentACCESS 3.4

We are constantly extending and enhancing the archiving features of contentACCESS. In version 3.4 we focused on the SMTP journal archiving features, shortcutting options, synchronization with live data on the file server and the role management. Of course, there are other great things, too.
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New officeGATE for Outlook

Check out the new version of officeGATE with a brand new design and enhanced search functions for your Office 365 or on-premise archive. We know how important is your time and we respect it. The enhanced search functions of officeGATE allow you to find your archived emails very fast by allowing to focus on certain criteria like the sender’s name, importance, date, subject or attachment presence.
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contentACCESS for GDPR

The new GDPR feature set of contentACCESS is going to help companies with reaching GDPR compliance in a simple, but great way. contentACCESS enables companies to full-text index all relevant data repositories and have federated full-text search across company data. The following essential IT-systems are supported for data mapping:

cAccess.EA.13  Office 365
cAccess.EA.13  Microsoft Exchange servers
cAccess.EA.13  Microsoft SharePoint servers
cAccess.EA.13  File servers
cAccess.EA.13  User workstations
cAccess.EA.13  Applications/databases. Any application using an SQL database can be mapped and made searchable by contentACCESS.
The GDPR feature set of contentACCESS gives you the power to manage data in your organization. Finding relevant information in all internally used systems quickly becomes a trivial thing to do.
The end-user tools, contentWEB, officeGATE and contentACCESS Mobile make you able to browse and search all company data anytime and anywhere. The new GDPR feature set combined with the contentACCESS Archive gives an answer to many challenges that companies will face when GDPR becomes enforceable on 25th May 2018.

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