GDPR search with contentACCESS

GDPR search with contentACCESS

GDPR is here. Any company that holds any data on EU citizens is subject to it. Even businesses not located in the EU could still face penalties if they do not comply with the legislation.

The question is: Do you have the right tools for GDPR?

Based on our knowledge of data archiving, gathered in the last two decades, we looked at the problem of GDPR-compliance from a more practical point of view. contentACCESS allows you to centralize different sources and types of data into one system, where you can easily manage access rights, security and audit approaches. Another part is the possibility to connect to your existing systems (DMS, CRM, ERP, own development…), from which we are able to read data and perform quick and accurate searches. The last part is a client application that is able to browse all files on your computer and get information about saved data.

Start taking action!

Since May of this 2018, companies have to comply with the GDPR regulation, which tightens the rules for personal data handling. For companies, this implies, among other things, the obligation to have better control over data, to be able to control access rights and audit user interactions. Most of these responsibilities have been incorporated into individual systems that do not have to communicate with each other, which for IT departments means finding sensitive data in multiple sources. Such a situation can be complicated by the number of tasks, risk of human error or too burdensome for the DPO.

How we handle GDPR:

cAccess.EA.13  Full-text search in different sources and metadata

cAccess.EA.13  DPO interface with the ability to define access rights

cAccess.EA.13  Periodic Search and Notification Tools

cAccess.EA.13  GDPR report with inventory of occurrences

cAccess.EA.13  Client for remote search at client stations

cAccess.EA.13  Fully auditable interactions

cAccess.EA.13  Search in emails, text files, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CRM, ERP, DMS…

The GDPR feature set of contentACCESS gives you the power to manage data in your organization. Finding relevant information in all internally used systems quickly becomes a trivial thing to do.

Check out how contentACCESS can help you to be GDPR compliant.