contentGATE: the best tool for email archive migration

How to say this the best way? Simply… you are not alone. Thousands of companies went through it, thousands are in the middle of a decision-making process and thousands will have to go through it in the next few months, maybe even the next few years.

But they don´t have to battle the unknown fields of migration alone. We already have a master´s degree in this topic. Over the last years, we have given a helping hand to many companies, which stood in the middle of a road that was leading them to an unknown destination. If you need to migrate your E-Mail archives and accounts, just do it with TECH-ARROW! It is going to be the migration decision of your life. Not because we said so, but because our customers love our solution. We give you our word…and contentGATE.

Source: Best data migration practices for organizations – TechHQ