Even Microsoft Exchange server can become a weak point in your data security

Did you know that over 30,000 websites are hacked every day? Internet’s attendance in our daily lives has become even more common in the last two years. COVID-19 has forced millions of people into their homes, working full-time from there. Internet has been in some cases the only connection to our family, colleagues and friends. Even an in-person doctor appointment was not always simple and possible.

So, we were and still are online every day, we communicate, we share, we send, we live our lives connected to each other in a world that is becoming an increasing threat to us. How strong is your password? Is your account secure enough? You can’t even imagine how many companies have been already under attack or have paid a lot to get their data back. These are huge and well-known companies, which are paying a lot of money to protect their servers, data and their know-how. And you would not believe it, but it appears that even an enterprise Microsoft Exchange server can become the point of entry for attackers. Read more about how insecure the world of internet has become for us. Our data are all out there. We should protect our companies and ourselves in a relevant, smart and practical way. contentACCESS is the way.

Source: A new ransomware enters the fray: Epsilon Red – Sophos News