Best Microsoft Teams archive for every corporate environment

Microsoft Teams is becoming an integral part of the corporate environment. A platform for internal communication that is increasing in dynamics and information.

by Lucia Barancikova | 4 min read

We are sharing more and more sensitive internal data via MS Teams. The question, whether the security and availability of data should be taken in consideration, is no longer an option, it is a must. Thanks to our work in the home office, we are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to exchange documents and files not just by email. The online environment is a necessity and at the same time the most vulnerable place that withstands many cyber-attacks. TECH-ARROW offers a solution that secures your data and enables all employees to work securely from their home. Your data remains protected and available even in the event of attacks from the external or internal environment. Read more about MS Teams statistics and increasing global numbers of this platform. We are also presenting our new page about MS Teams archive solution. Stay safe and productive with contentACCESS.

Source: Microsoft Teams hits 250 million user monthly (


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