Cyber-attack on Emil Frey AG

The year 2021 experienced a record number of cyber-attacks. The year-on-year increase in cyberattacks is around 50% and the outlook for 2022 is the same. The attackers are working in more and more sophisticated ways, focusing on the sensitive data of companies and their clients.

Emil Frey, a car dealer, is one of the latest large companies you can read about in the media. The damage is not known yet, and a group called “Hive” is currently threatening to release up to 300 GB of sensitive company data. It appears that the attack was caused by a ransomware, where attackers stole and encrypted data with the aim to obtain a nice amount of ransom money.

by Lucia Barancikova

Data in contentACCESS remains intact in the archive

As regards the contentACCESS archive, only the virtual machines need to be rebuilt in the case of the Emil Frey company. The secured and archived data in contentACCESS remained intact with no harm caused by the ransomware attack and can be accessed immediately by the newly built archive servers. contentACCESS’s long term secure archiving algorithms including data encryption and intelligent deduplication have completely secured and saved the digital assets of Emil Frey.

Ransomware attacks know no geographic barriers

European companies are increasingly concerned about their data security, but America is far more aware in this area, recognizing the growing threat. The number of attacks and the need for a confident data protection solution became a logical and less costly expense than facing the threat directly and unprepared.

Don’t leave your data available and unprotected, there is a solution that will protect them and thus protect your business and the big data you own. It takes years to establish a successful company, to grow your business and to be successful. A lot of work, investment, and energy…

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