Preparing your Disaster Recovery strategy

As businesses continue to digitize to a greater degree, so-called disaster recovery plans rise in importance where maintaining business continuity is concerned. Disaster recovery (or DR) plans represent a prepared series of steps to take when an unplanned incident – be that a security breach, an internal software issue or a hardware failure – threatens to disrupt the smooth running of your operations.

IT PRO magazine recently released an article detailing their nine tips for improving company disaster recovery plans. They emphasize preventative steps that ease the process of recovery – having full documentation, prioritizing resilience in one’s systems, and maintaining a realistic risk assessment among them.

They also point out the possibilities inherent in the Cloud as a method of adding another layer of protection. Storing data on the cloud has the virtue of rendering your archive virtually immune to computer failures by decoupling it from your local infrastructure.

Secure archiving with TECH-ARROW

With a quality archiving solution, these concerns are mitigated. You can operate with peace of mind knowing that your emails, files, SharePoint data, or MS Teams communications are secure in an archiving system and can in times of need be retrieved.

In this way, TECH-ARROW can simplify the preparation of a quality disaster recovery plan. With archives being generally isolated from live systems, they are by nature more resilient and likely to remain unaffected by a wide range of points of failure. Your infrastructure’s robustness also can be boosted to new levels by choosing to archive on the Cloud with our contentACCESS Cloud Archive. That data can then smoothly be retrieved in the case of ransomware, data corruption, or any number of other issues you may potentially experience.

If you are interested in setting your company up for success and protecting it with our contentACCESS archiving solution, contact us for a free consultation and decide objectively if we are the right partner you can trust with all your assets.


Take the best steps to protect your data – with TECH-ARROW.

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Source: IT Pro

by Matúš Koronthály