Major Microsoft Teams updates arrive in the final quarter of 2022

Microsoft continues to cement their position as the preeminent business chat service catering to the professional environment with another set of major Microsoft Teams updates slated to arrive throughout the final quarter of 2022. These updates include new features and capabilities on top of Quality of Life improvements and bugfixes for existing and implemented ones.

MS Teams introduces Progressive Web App for Linux

Among the improvements added is the Progressive Web App for Linux users, which is slated to replace or supplement the 2019-launched Teams Linux client. The PWA supports all the features normally presented by the standard desktop client, including system notifications for chat and channel and easy access to permissions.

Microsoft recommends that Linux users switch to the PWA from the current Linux client, as it should offer a more complete and improved experience. According to Microsoft, the PWA for Linux lets it “bridge the gaps between the Teams desktop client on Linux and Windows,” providing Linux users faster and easier access to the incoming additions and improvements.

Microsoft Teams introduces Together Mode and video creation

Further leaning into their recently-introduced metaverse and video conferencing features, Microsoft has brought in Together Mode. Together Mode uses AI-powered recognition and segmentation technology to digitally paint users into a shared background, helping generate the feeling of being together with your team in one space.

This added feature is another sign Microsoft is reaffirming their focus on catering to remote work and hybrid office setups in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more features are focusing on improving communications and trying to capture the spirit and teamwork of traditional office setups, including the option to pop out shared screen content into a separate window to ensure meeting participants can see each other and shared content simultaneously.

Along this same line of focus come new video features for Teams. Microsoft Teams users will be able to record, send, and view a video clip in chat within Microsoft Teams on Desktop, with the feature slated to arrive on mobile before the end of the year.

MS Teams’ new video content represents a new form of business data

With an increased focus on video-format content, including the ability to create, save and share video clips, Teams is introducing an element that was arguably missing from their suite of offered features. There is potential for improvements in information sharing and retention, which may have positive impacts on employee productivity.

At the same time, this creates a new category of critical information to retain. Not only is business communication something that may fall under legal hold obligations depending on jurisdiction, but being able to retrieve and refer back to past discussions or information shared is a key part of maintaining a high level of productivity in your business.

Microsoft Teams and business chat applications are still a relative newcomer to the market. As such, they are not consistently covered by existing archiving solutions, and less-frequently updated software may struggle to match the pace of Microsoft’s major Teams updates. What’s more, the solutions that do cover Teams are even less likely to be compatible with existing archive and backup systems a company may already have in place. As a consequence, any business looking to capture and retain their Teams chats – and now Teams videos – is faced with the prospect of running a patchwork of concurrently operating software.

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by Matúš Koronthály