With Slovenia’s Implementation, the EU fully integrates GDPR

Slovenia, as of December, has become the last EU country to implement GDPR on a national level. With Slovenia’s implementation, the EU has now fully integrated GDPR, with the individual member states agreeing to the regulations and restrictions. Together with England (which passed their own equivalent law after leaving the Union) this now represents a significant portion of the online landscape covered by these regulations.

This comes on the heels of news that Meta has been found in breach of European data regulation legislation, and will likely be fined. This is a signal to companies – and not necessarily only tech giants like Meta – that increasingly, the regulations and restrictions on the online sphere are growing teeth and will be more actively enforced. Meta is likely to absorb the financial blow without extreme problems, but for smaller players, large financial repercussions may prove potentially fatal.

Even as GDPR is fully integrated, questions remain

Slovenia’s implementation aside, the regulation faces challenges into the coming year. In particular, since BREXIT successive British governments have announced plans to deviate from GDPR and prepare their internal regulation – the UK GDPR as modified by the 2018 Data Protection Act – to be simplified and present less of a “regulatory minefield” for businesses.

Rather than have the desired effect, there is some concern that deviating from GDPR will cause companies uncertainty regarding where they stand and what is expected of them. Propagation of different standards clouds the regulatory space and makes it unclear what companies need to comply with.

Ensure your business is compliant with online regulations

As we have covered previously, it is key that companies keep their data in compliance with ever stricter regulations. In a world where the regulatory sphere is tightening, this presents a complex problem where multiple restrictions and regulations intersect; for example, the so-called Right To Be Forgotten aspect of GDPR meeting with the retention requirements of eDiscovery. Fortunately, we have a solution.

TECH-ARROW’s contentACCESS can offer a solution, thanks to contentACCESS GDPR; ensure full compliance with Right To Be Forgotten and GDPR’s user authorization requirements while still taking full advantage of contentACCESS’ range of features. Discover the best universal solution for data backup and legally compliant archiving.

The potential changes to the British data regulations and ever stricter enforcement of GDPR within the EU both look to continue into the new year. If your company is prepared to futureproof your data handling and archiving solutions against these and other complications, contact us for a free consultation on how our solution can best meet your needs.


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by Matúš Koronthály