How can you save money on your SharePoint subscription?

Since its introduction as part of the Microsoft 365 suite of programs, SharePoint Online usage has sharply increased. Today, expanded uses of SharePoint include a content management and content services platform, an intranet portal for enterprise information and applications, a groupware platform, a social platform, and a platform to develop custom web applications. These increased uses correspond with greater usage and thus greater data storage size on your SharePoint subscription.

For companies working with Microsoft’s suite of programs, the resulting SharePoint expenditures can rapidly escalate beyond reasonable limits. SharePoint comes with stated limits to data storage – organizations exceeding this storage incur overflow costs per GB over this limit. For larger organizations that generate large volume of data, these additional costs amount to significant expenditures.

TECH-ARROW can present a solution for reducing these expenses to a minimum – thanks to our contentACCESS archiving family, you can lighten the load on your live system, removing data to archived storage and thus eliminating potential overflow-derived costs.

As a case study illustrating this concept, we can present an example client. Their business unit of 5,000 employees was looking to reduce their SharePoint Online-related expenditures to an acceptable level; within their Microsoft Subscription, they have access to 1 TB plus 10 GB per license purchase – bringing them to 51 TB storage overall. However, due to the increasing volume of business data generated over time as they digitize and continue to grow, their storage rapidly increased to a 160 TB volume. Microsoft is charging them a standard cost of 0.20 USD/GB in overflow fees, coming to over 20,000 USD/month. As such, this client required a solution to keep the data volume in M365 within limits and minimize the financial overflow.

Cutting costs by archiving with contentACCESS

Implementing an archive with TECH-ARROW’s contentACCESS Cloud Archive and Backup immediately meets the client requirements in this case. With the stated storage amounts and employee counts, the deployment and configuration of contentACCESS will save the client upwards of 200,000 USD in annual expenditures. The costs of establishing an archiving solution and migrating data from the live system are drastically lower in comparison to overflow charges, especially at larger data volumes.

The switch to an archive also in no way impedes your ability to continue working with the stored information; while the establishment of shortcuts significantly lightens your data structure, your employees can continue to access and work with stored files without interruption of their normal workflows. Optimizing your data structure with the addition of an archive therefore makes good business sense, both from an economical perspective and an operations-focused point of view.

Archive smarter with contentACCESS

We offer an optimal archive solution for both contentACCESS in the cloud or on-premises, meeting both common use-cases. Our platform stores all your documents, plus your calendar items, tasks, lists, contacts, image libraries and their attachments – lightening the live system and reducing storage costs while keeping your stored information readily accessible through our Outlook integrations, Mobile App, or web access portal.

If you are interested in discussing how contentACCESS can best benefit you and your organization – contact us. Discover the advantages of archiving with us, how best to minimize expenditures, how to increase your business data safety – and more. Archive smarter with contentACCESS.


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by Matúš Koronthály