Archives and backup systems – not only a security benefit

Archives and backup systems are often brought up in the context of security, where they can help keep your data at a remove from either accidents or deliberate action (deletion by employees or cyberattacks being two of the large ones). People also bring up requirements put on organizations by government regulation – GDPR’s Right to be Forgotten, eDiscovery and others. Archives and backup systems, however, come with a host of other uses and benefits for organizations and end users to explore.

The remaining benefits of archives – applicable to archived data from various sources, ranging from emails to file storage – can broadly be divided into benefits for the organization as a whole, and benefits immediately and tangibly useful for the end user on an individual level. The former will usually focus on minimizing costs and optimizing systems on a large level. The latter, by contrast, will look at productivity boosts and being able to perform tasks faster with less effort.

Organizational benefits – saving money and streamlining system performance

For any organization, one of their main concerns will be in attempting to reduce costs – and one of the major drivers of incurred costs are storage volume and licenses. Increased data volume requires purchasing more overflow storage – either on the Cloud, or in the form of investing into more storage infrastructure on premise. Either will cause costs to spike. Furthermore, keeping the data load in your live system will gradually cause the system to become sluggish and less responsive.

Adding on to this, one of the most pervasive issues with employee churn is the reality that maintaining access to a former employee’s mailbox may require keeping their Exchange license active. In a large company with greater churn, the number of licenses can end up greatly exceeding the number of actual employees and spike incurred costs even further.

Our contentACCESS archive and backup solves both issues. To begin with, maintaining an active license or paying for native Exchange archived mailbox possibilities is simply not required. Thanks to our solution having captured the emails and attachments and our search system making it easy to filter and find required information, these mailboxes remain constantly accessible to your organization.

In terms of storage overflow, contentACCESS offers deduplication and compression possibilities that both unburden the live system and mitigate data storage size, at the fraction of the cost charged for additional Cloud storage.

Personal benefits – a productivity boost

For the end user, the benefits of archiving are no less tangible. In 2019, the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day exceeded 319 billion, with the average person sending and receiving 121 business emails per day. For the typical employee, critical emails or attachments can quickly become buried and difficult to locate. The problem is compounded if an individual inherits another’s workload and mailbox.

With contentACCESS, employees gain access to several systems that greatly increase their efficiency and cut down on time spent navigating diverse systems. Thanks to our aforementioned full text search system, locating files, emails and attachments becomes the matter of an instant. Our search can access any information in the archive regardless of source system, allowing comprehensive work with your data.

Additionally, contentACCESS offers end users access to their archived data flexibly and easily – through our mobile app, mailApp and officeGATE Outlook integrations, or our Web Access Portal, ensure your critical business data remains at your fingertips at home, from the office, or on the move.

Archive smarter with contentACCESS

Is your organization prepared to take the next steps towards the future of archiving? Our team has combined decades of experience in the field of archiving with a passion for opening new possibilities. If you are interested in learning how your organization can best leverage our experience to your benefit – contact us! Our team will be glad to go over your use case and help you discover a better future.

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by Matúš Koronthály