Why should you consider leaving Enterprise Vault?

Enterprise Vault is an established archive solution, having been present on the market under this name since Symantec sold the line off almost a decade ago. At that point, Symantec Enterprise Vault rebranded to its current iteration as Veritas Enterprise Vault. However, the system has not kept up with the times since then and has steadily declined. Here are just a few reasons you should consider leaving Enterprise Vault and looking for a more modern alternative.

TECH-ARROW’s contentACCESS provides an alternative

To many organizations, differences between different archives may seem hard to distinguish. This can mask the fact that some archives may not fully meet their needs – in fact, sometimes their needs aren’t even fully clear since they do not immediately identify the possibilities the software should open. To this end, let’s take a look at what Veritas could stand to improve – and why contentACCESS does it better.

Legacy Technology

Enterprise Vault is built on legacy technology that is coupled with third-party products which are presented as separate modules. Because there are many separate modules for accessing and searching the archive, this complicates the user experience. Enterprise Vault has limited and difficult access, forcing you to log into separate modules with no ability to view all relevant archived data from one central location.

Lack of Real-Time Data Delivery

This opens your organization up to the potential risk of incomplete capture of critical data. As a consequence, the archive has less utility in the event of attempted disaster recovery.

Limited Archive Access

Enterprise Vault does not provide simple end user access to the archive. As a result, there is a bottleneck where key tasks are only performable by administrators with sufficient rights. Unlike contentACCESS, it also means that data cannot be offloaded into the archive to lighten the main live servers, as that data is not readily retrievable and searchable.

Lack of Web Access

Enterprise Vault is not a web enabled system; access to the archive is only possible when operating from behind a company firewall. As with the earlier point, this makes the archive decidedly unfriendly for end users looking to continue accessing and referencing archived files, and renders it unusable for this purpose.

Limited Email Platform Support

Enterprise Vault only supports Exchange and Microsoft 365. It does not support Gmail and it only supports GroupWise through a third-party system. Meanwhile, we cover Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online, as well as Zimbra, Lotus Notes, Gmail, or other SMTP-based email systems in a single solution.

Meet all your company needs with TECH-ARROW

TECH-ARROW represents an ideal option for companies looking to improve their current structure; our company can offer both services in migration using our powerful contentGATE migrator tool, as well as a modern and flexible archive and backup system in our unitary contentACCESS suite.

Our contentGATE migrator tool offers companies an easy and stress-free way to migrate their archived data while minimizing any risks of data loss. Leverage our decades of experience and take full advantage of our team to ensure your migration goes off smoothly.

contentACCESS represents a modern archiving system tailored to meet the demands of the current archiving market. Our archive can also guarantee all the retention options and policies required to ensure your company remains not only safe and secure, but also in compliance with the continuously expanding legal frameworks regulating data retention.

Despite this increase in security, contentACCESS ensures your stored data remains continuously available. Our solution provides coverage of your most critical business information – including SharePoint, Emails, Microsoft Teams chats, and other files. All of these are kept secure within a single unified archiving system, while remaining completely accessible for your employees through a variety of means including our Web Access portal, Outlook integration options and mobile app. Staying connected on the move has never been easier.

If you’re ready to take the next step in protecting your critical business data, contact us; our team of experts is ready and waiting to talk to you about your company archiving and migration needs, and is happy to schedule a cost-free consultation to discuss your next steps into a productive future.


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by Matúš Koronthály