TECH-ARROW and iTernity combine forces for better ransomware protection

TECH-ARROW is proud to announce that we have reaffirmed and renewed our partnership with iTernity, one of the top names in data protection and retention. Together, we hope to continue exploring the unique synergies between our companies and bringing our customers the benefits of combining our respective offers and possibilities.

As mentioned, iTernity is a major player in data protection and retention. They provide a variety of products and services under this umbrella, all of which clearly demonstrate our shared values and priorities in pushing the boundaries of the archiving and data protection world.

iTernity offers its managed storage platform iCAS FS for archive, backup and business critical data of all types from different applications and sources. As a software-defined storage platform, iCAS FS impresses with its unlimited scalability, low total cost of ownership, user-friendliness and flexibility. iCAS FS relieves primary storages, provides a ransomware-protected backup target and serves as an audit-proof archive and scale-out object storage. If you need to store large amounts of data cost-effectively, securely and with high availability, iCAS FS is the perfect choice.

“The combination of contentACCESS and iTernity’s iCAS FS technology takes our customers to a new level of security and malware protection” states Josef Vegh, the CEO of TECH-ARROW.

Ralf Steinemann, CEO of iTernity, adds: “TECH-ARROW and iTernity have a long-standing partnership. We strongly believe that our mature solutions and the experience gained from working together will enable us to deliver the best possible overall result for our joint customers.

As a managed storage platform, iTernity’s iCAS FS is automatically monitored, error-detected and repaired by the system itself. It delivers the “on-premises cloud experience”: high agility, flexibility and cost efficiency for secure data storage in your own data center. It is fully compatible with the TECH-ARROW contentACCESS archive and backup, giving our customers the unique opportunity to take advantage of both systems at the same time. At a time when cyber security concerns remain paramount, this is an important step towards a more secure future.

Are you interested in exploring the options and opportunities presented by either of our offerings? Contact us to schedule a demonstration of contentACCESS and to discuss on how we can best meet your needs.


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by Matúš Koronthály