EdgeWave merges with contentACCESS Cloud

EdgeWave archive is no longer going to be on offer or available, with the domain slowly being spun down. Accordingly, EdgeWave is being merged with contentACCESS Cloud; current users will be migrated to the main system, with no interruption of service. This merger began to take place on March 16th, 2024.

The primary objective behind this merger is to enhance the efficiency and reliability of our system by leveraging the robust capabilities of contentACCESS Cloud. This transition will facilitate faster update cycles, increase system redundancy, and ensure seamless integration into our global infrastructure.

As a result of this merge, the system will be accessible under the domain name https://contentaccess.cloud. This move will not involve any data movement, with all customer data physically staying geolocated in the same Azure data centers. Customers currently using EdgeWave will not notice any changes beyond some possible small UI updates.

What does this transition period mean for you?

As stated, the merger will enhance and improve our collective systems’ efficiency and reliability by bringing all Cloud systems under a single contentACCESS Cloud umbrella. Users of our Cloud will be able to enjoy all these benefits with no drawbacks.

For current users of EdgeWave Archive, there are as stated no negative effects from the merger; there is, however, a small alteration that EdgeWave Archive users are required to make to ensure a smooth transition. Change your SMTP forwarding settings from smtp.edgewavearchive.com to smtp-us.contentaccess.cloud. This way, we can help ensure a clean and lossless transition to the new system.

We have provided detailed instructions on how to make this change, which can be found here. It is imperative that this action is completed by the specified deadline to avoid any disruptions in your email archiving service. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work to improve our services and infrastructure.

Archive with contentACCESS Cloud

TECH-ARROW continues to pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality possible services and products to our partners and clients. Our contentACCESS Cloud remains the premier SaaS archiving and backup solution, bringing contentACCESS functionality to all companies that either already store data in the cloud or have decided to migrate to the Cloud in the future.

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Archive your data with contentACCESS

by Matúš Koronthály