Outdated software – a gap in security

While the world continues to focus down on improving cybersecurity in the face of increasing threats, outdated software is rapidly becoming one of the least addressed gaps in security.

The issue is a known one in cybersecurity circles, having been brought up by CISA, among others. Unupdated systems are a common failure point; even when a flaw is known and has been patched, as long as that patch is not installed your system remains vulnerable.

Worse, the longer a known issue is left alone, the more common it becomes for that issue to specifically be sought after and targeted. Prompt updates, or even better automatic updates, are therefore a great way to check the boxes and pick the low-hanging fruit where cybersecurity is concerned.

What if the software doesn’t update?

This is only easy low-hanging fruit, however, when software updates periodically. Outdated software that has either hit end of life or merely doesn’t update frequently enough exposes systems to increased risk, because as time goes on the chances increase that a vulnerability will be found that the system does not address.

Why is this risk so common?

Many organizations maintain their outdated software despite the risk. The reasons tend to be simple:

  • Inertia – we already have it, why make a change?
  • Investment – a new system would cost more than maintenance
  • Interconnectedness – our current system is connected to other software

Moreover, there is a strong element of “out of sight, out of mind” where software like archives is concerned. As long as it is working, the organization employing it is less likely to worry about it or think about finding a replacement.

What’s next?

As cybersecurity continues to be a going theme, the issue of out-of-date software will continue to arise every time a major security failure occurs due to it. Whenever solutions are found that don’t regularly update, errors will pop up – incompatibilities with other related software, security loopholes, and more.

At TECH-ARROW, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of awareness regarding new developments and the flexibility to deliver a quick response and keep your business continuity intact. To learn more about our offered products and services, contact our team and secure your archiving into the future.


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by Matúš Koronthály