contentACCESS Version 6.0 details

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The following list will give a quick overview about the newest improvements that contentACCESS version 6.0 brings to you:


✓ Search server update

It was a long time ago that we last updated the Elasticsearch engine used in contentACCESS. The reason was that Elasticsearch introduced some breaking changes, what made the direct update impossible. This meant that we had to redesign our index structure.
We think the time has come. We have collected all our experience from the past years, revisited all the open issues which were impossible to solve with the old index structure, invested months of development and updated Elasticsearch 5.6 to 8.4. We knew from the beginning that the upgrade of Elasticsearch will require the customers to re-index their data. Our primary goal was to design more robust and more performant index structure on the most recent technology. The secondary goal was to make the transition as smooth as possible.
As a result of this, we have developed a new contentACCESS search component on .NET Core 6, which can live side-by-side with the old search component. To make the transition fast and smooth, we have also developed an index migration application, which can transfer the old index data from the legacy Elasticsearch to the new one in the background. The application is intelligent enough to make the transition fully transparent, and the search and indexing can still run while the data is migrated. The migration runs from entity to entity (mailbox) and system will identify which entities are on the old Elasticsearch and which are on the new one. As a result, the search will route the search requests to the correct search engine.
We know that for some customers, the update must be scheduled and coordinated between multiple departments, which will require a longer preparation. We have considered this fact and decided to keep supporting the old search component for 1 more year. This means anyone who wants to keep using the old search component can safely update to contentACCESS 6.0, and the migration to the new search can be started at any later date.

Index migrator

Index migrator

✓ Web preview of documents

In contentACCESS 6.0 we are introducing a new component called contentACCESS Preview. This is a web component which can show an HTML 5 version of nearly every type of document stored in or processed by contentACCESS. The user does not need to download and open any document just to see the content. The mobile users do not need to worry about having a native application for every document format. The web preview can show the document for them!
Besides the HTML preview, this component can do much more! It gives the users the ability to print the given document or download it in a PDF format.
This component is also used to recognize mobile phone requests and redirect them to the native contentACCESS Mobile app if installed. Using this approach, the users are able to open their shortcuts in our native mobile app. If the mobile app is not installed on the user’s device, the user will be able to continue showing the web preview.
The web preview is also integrated into our Portal or contentACCESS Mobile. These users can also directly see the document without downloading it.
Sounds good? Just try it!

Document preview in contentACCESS Portal

Document preview in separate window with features

✓ Open shortcut in contentACCESS Mobile

Are you traveling a lot and having trouble accessing your shortcutted email through your mobile phone? Is it frustrating to have to then search for the same email in contentACCESS mobile just to see the full archived email’s content? We have a solution for you! Now, the shortcuts can be directly opened from your mobile email client in contentACCESS Mobile by a single click!
A question is brewing in your head: do I need to convert all my existing shortcuts to use this feature? No! It can work with your existing shortcuts too. The only requirement is that you install and configure the contentACCESS Preview service and deploy contentACCESS Mobile to the user devices.

Open shortcut in contentACCESS Mobile

✓ Common log folder for all components

Previously each contentACCESS components was using its own log folder, which was located under the installation folder of the given component. This design was not optimal as the system disk was filled up by the logs and the logs were distributed between many different folders. Now, in version 6.0, we have generalized this and moved all component logs into a common log folder. This common log folder can be configured during the installation on each node.

Common log folder in the installation package

✓ Mail App vNext

Mail App is a lightweight cross-platform contentACCESS client for Microsoft Outlook. It was introduced in contentACCESS 5.4 as a BETA. In the past couple of months, we have gathered the feedback and put a lot of effort to optimize the execution and catch the bugs. In contentACCESS 6.0, MailApp vNext gets some new features and is finally ready for production. By default, the system will still use the old MailApp for existing installations but will install the new version for new installations. For existing installations, you can enable the new MailApp in Email Archive System settings.

Recipient popup
By default, MailApp displays the first name of every recipient to give you as much information as possible in a the most compact way. Now, if you click on the recipient list, a popup will show full user information with some features including “send email to recipient” or “copy the name and email address of the recipient.”

Recipient view in MailApp

Safari support
We have good news for Mac users! MailApp is already running on Safari browser and Outlook for Mac. We are still working hard to give Mac users the same user experience as for Windows users. You can expect some improvements in the upcoming releases. Keep your eye on it!

Quick access to shares
Sharing is a very powerful feature in contentACCESS. We are trying to bring this feature as close as possible to you. As an improvement, we have added 2 new shortcuts to the startup page, which allows you to directly navigate to file which were shared by you or to files you have shared with someone. This can save at least 3-4 extra clicks for you.

Quick access to sharing in MailApp

Hide not accessible features
The former version of MailApp was designed for email archive users only. The new vNext version supports all other archives in contentACCESS, so it can be very useful for users who are using Teams Archive only. In such cases the Active email button will be hidden on the home screen and main menu. The same applies for the Sharing.

Hiding not accessible features in MailApp

✓ Performance and stability fixes

Improvements were made to make the system faster and more stable, so your contentACCESS experience is now even better than it was before.

Update from older versions

✓ Update path: The update is supported by contentACCESS version 3.1 and later. Older versions must first be updated to contentACCESS 3.1 and after that they can be updated to the latest version.

If the update has been done for an earlier version than 3.3, after the update some of the new features must be configured manually.

One of these features is the Task runner, which requires resource storage where the export files will be stored. This storage must be configured in System -> System -> Resource storage settings. This store must be accessible by all contentACCESS nodes inside a cluster, so it is highly recommended to use a network share.

✓ Search V2 requires .NET Core: In 6.0 we have introduced the next version of search. The new search components targets .NET Core 6, which will be installed automatically by the search server setup.

✓ Teams and Teams chat job filter must be adjusted: In 5.4 we have fully redesigned the filtering capabilities in all Teams and Teams Chat jobs. Your existing Teams and Teams Chat jobs settings must be verified and adjusted after the update from 5.3 and earlier.

✓ Application pool identities changed: To increase the security, all application pools of contentACCESS are using the isolated IIS App Pool Identity. This requires a switch to the server-side rendering in contentACCESS Portal for email archive.

✓ .NET Framework support: From the 5.0 version, the minimum required .NET version for all applications was increased from 4.5.2 to 4.8.

✓ Mail app activation: As a result of redesigning the Mail app activation method in contentACCESS Email Archive, new permissions: “Org Marketplace Apps” and “User Options”, are needed to make the super user work correctly.

✓ Outlook forms: If the update has been done from an earlier version than 3.4, because of some internal changes in the email archive shortcut format, the Outlook forms must be updated to the latest version to maintain the correct functionality. For contentACCESS 3.8, the Outlook forms must be also republished due to the authentication changes.

✓ Remote file archiving: While updating from contentACCESS 3.6, existing remote agent definitions will be not working, since some of the database structures have been moved from the file system archive database to the tenant database.

✓ SQL server support: The minimum required SQL version was increased from MS SQL 2008 to MS SQL 2012.

✓ Redesigned filtering: The old filtering was converted to a new format. Therefore, after the update from 3.7 or earlier, we recommend the checking of all your job filtering settings.


Please check the updated documentation and manuals.

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