Defeat ransomware with contentACCESS

Every company needs to have its data saved somewhere. It often contains information not visible to the public, like certificates, CVs or information about company’s contracts, incomes or outgoings in form of office documents, PDFs, pictures, video and audio files, report files. These files are the most valuable digital asset of the company and need to be preserved and accessible on various devices for certain periods of time as determined by law and/or internal company regulations. However, some ransomware may try to ruin your company data.

What exactly a ransomware is?

The name ransomware is composed of two words : ransom – money paid to unlock or free somebody or something, and malware – a malicious software that is acting against the requirements of the computer user. The most noticeable ransomware in the last months were Petya and WannaCry.

Petya is a family of encrypting ransomware that is targeting systems running Microsoft Windows, where it infects the master boot record and prevents Windows from booting

WannaCry is a specific ransomware program. After the software is opened, it tells the user that his files have been encrypted and leaves him with only instructions on what to do next and the WannaCry itself. The access to files is now blocked. It gives the user a few days to pay up in BitCoins, warning that otherwise all the files will be deleted. It also gives instructions on how to buy BitCoins and provides an address to send it to afterwards.

  • Infected more than 230000 computers in three days.
  • Infection was spreading via EternalBlue exploit – a weakness in Windows’ SMB, which made it possible for the attackers to execute a code on the target computer.
  • Encrypted about 179 different kind of files, your computer got blocked and files unusable.
  • Displayed a ransom note asking for 300 to 600 dollars in Bitcoins for the files to be restored to their original state.




A read-only copy is in the archive unable to be reached by ransomware
View, restore and recover data directly from contentWEB or by configuring jobs
Have your data back with only few simple clicks

Defend your files

It is an important task to keep your crucial company data safe and accessible. Many malicious software are lurking out there, which may be able to encrypt and destroy your data, and therefore partially destroy your company. That’s why it is good to always have an accessible backup of your files, so you won’t have to worry about them getting inaccessible. The best solution for this task is contentACCESS – the best file and email archiving software, which is also user and wallet friendly!


Defend your emails

Emails are nowadays the key assets of operating most businesses, but as files, they can take up a lot of space and they can be also targeted by malicious software, which would make them inaccessible or damaged in some way (like destroying attachments). Therefore it is good to always have an accessible backup and keep them safe and secure. With contentACCESS you can easily build a well-structured archive – a lot of space can be saved by archiving items as shortcuts and your emails will be safe, secure and accessible all the time – everything for a price that will not ruin your budget!


What can contentACCESS do for you?

contentACCESS is a modular product primarily designed to solve Email archive and File archive scenarios in an organization. The archive is read-only and all the files and emails are accessible from the server or from the stubs which the archive has created. It uses built-in or custom plugins, which are able to connect with many kind of input systems and process the information as desired. Based on the plugins, contentACCESS is providing Email, SharePoint and File management and also archive in the cloud or on premise. Read more…

contentACCESS File Archive is archiving files from file server, shares and working stations. In case anything is deleted, the files can be easily restored by a few simple mouse clicks. If the file was changed, a new version is created while all versions are still accessible. The archived files are accessible even if the original file was corrupted, encrypted or destroyed.

contentACCESS Email Archive offers long-term storage of emails with easy search and retrieval capabilities saving the space on the Exchange server. Processing is ensured both from the local Exchange servers, or from the cloud (Office 365). These archived emails can be also accessed/restored/recovered from the archive in case of need.

Even if you don’t restore the data immediately, all the users will be able to access the files and emails, and open them unencrypted from the archive, using contentWEB or any other user interface of contentACCESS. WannaCry is not able to access nor encrypt the archived data, since the archive is read-only, and that makes using contentACCESS even a bigger WIN for you!

contentACCESS File Archive

Using stubs, archive is read-only = safety!
Creating versions – if something was changed, you will be able to notice it and access also older versions.
Archived files being accessible even if the original was destroyed.
Files accessible even if not restored immediately.

contentACCESS Email Archive

Saves space on the Exchange.
Supports many store types.
Able to archive public folders.
Archived emails can be easily restored or recovered.