Cyber Security Facts 2018

Cyber security is a rising problem. With the increase of the number of individuals sharing information and lives online, there is a higher possibility of someone exploiting that information.

Most people are aware of the dangers of cyber crimes (hacking being a prime example), but a lot of them are not aware of the intensity until they have a firsthand experience with hacking.

The most appropriate way to defend yourself is to be smart about when and where you upload your information, and also stay updated with new threats and tactics to avoid them.

As you are reading this, the cyber security sector is on the rise. Anti-malware applications have evolved significantly as well, and nowadays even a free security can do a lot for your online security. According to the most recent statistics, there are over 200,000 samples of new malware released daily. As a result, additional resources are being released to battle cyberattacks…

Source: BBN Times