The Future is Now – Move to the Cloud with TECH-ARROW

TECH-ARROW has released a brand new version of its next-generation migration software, contentGATE.

It has become necessary for many organizations to move their email archives from an on-premise email environment to Office 365, but the planning and processes involved in transitioning from an established infrastructure to a cloud environment is a major undertaking. Most companies have an on-premises email archiving software running around the clock because of compliance, litigation, and technical reasons. Email archive solutions are usually replacing the original emails in the users’ mailboxes with so-called “stubs” or sometimes they remove the emails from the Exchange server. Migrating only the mailbox content to Office 365 would cause data loss, and you would get a bunch of non-functional shortcuts. All emails previously moved to the archive would be inaccessible. How does one solve this problem?

Source: Business Journal
Find out how contentGATE provides a solution for all the challenges of Office 365 migration.