MS TEAMS successfully applied in the health care environment

Have you been using TEAMS over the last years or are you still looking for a great tool where you can share, communicate, collaborate, interact and make your professional life easier and more secure? We would like to share a real story of HUS (Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) with you.

COVID changed the world of every environment. Safeness of sensitive Data and it’s accessibility becomes more important every day. So let’s start a better way how to share everything what is important to all of us. Well, you can choose what is important, what should be your best way how to share sensitive data and remain with feeling of security that you own your history and your future. We always knew that our contentACCESS product in coherence with Microsoft will become one of the most meaningful cooperation we’ve ever started. We are really looking forward to new challenges, supporting every company and preventing them from losing their significant data. HUS tried and succeeded in many aspects during a rough time. Everyone can make a right decision, you just do not realize it in the first moment of your actions until you experience it in real life.

Source: HUS: sharing data securely to make life-saving decisions