How cybersecurity threats are changing – and how the security environment changes with them

As we move on further into the year, we can look in retrospective at the past year and draw useful conclusions for the future. In particular, 2021 saw a great deal in cybersecurity developments – both in terms of threats changing in both frequency and complexity, as well as in government regulation and law enforcement involvement as the digital world saw more intensive focus.

by Matúš Koronthály

Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report

Towards the close of last year, Microsoft published their Digital Defense Report, a short summary of which along with other useful links can be read here. Among other things, the report details the snowballing complexity of threats present in the cybersecurity sphere – among these is ransomware, which is one of the biggest threats faced by companies and businesses, and which has seen dramatic evolution over the years from a sporadic threat to a professional and organized method of extortion that threatens more and more companies as time goes on.

It is key to note that in the often-cited Ransomware Playbook, step one of ransomware protection is in preparing a recovery plan – in other words, being able to retrieve the affected data without paying the attackers. The clearest and most obvious way to meet this step is to make sure all your relevant data is present in an archive, from where your company can retrieve and restore data and seamlessly recover from any potential security breaches.

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Source: Microsoft Security Blog