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Company data-access policies are a topic that has risen in importance as more data has been generated and even more existing workflows have begun shifting online. This presents both new challenges and new opportunities for increasing efficiency and streamlining within your organization. 

There is an obvious need to try and keep access to online data restricted to a relatively low number of people. The Cyber Readiness Institute published Ransomware Playbook notes that the second most important step for securing data (second only to ensuring capacity for retrieval in the case of a security breach) is limiting viable access points to make the likelihood of such a breach relatively low. Generally, this is accomplished by restricting access to certain key members of your IT infrastructure.  

Restricted user access – safe and secure data storage, but at a cost 

The above outlined method of securing data storage works well for ensuring greater security. By having a limited number of users with the credentials to manipulate stored data in backup and archive solutions, for example, you can ensure that these remain intact and free of any alterations – both nonintentional and malicious. 

The model, however, comes with a major drawback: in the case of needing files or emails either located in the system or restoring back out of the archive, the full burden of this responsibility falls on the admins. This becomes a cascading issue as the volume of data retrieval requests grows, placing more and more strain on a limited bottleneck. In the case of growing companies, their generated data increases exponentially and can out scale the capacity of existing administration structures to regulate and support it.  

The solution – democratization of access rights with contentACCESS

TECH-ARROW’s archiving software represents a key leap forward in bypassing these issues. Our contentACCESS solution has several key features that make constant requests forwarded to SysAdmin teams a thing of the past. Namely, we offer both a simple and intuitive UI that doesn’t require specialist training to use, as well as crucially giving users read-only access to their own archived files and allowing them to retrieve all data they need.  

When the number of employees and data grow, there is a direct linear relationship to responsibilities of admins growing as well. With contentACCESS archive access rights given to employees, companies will see a vast reduction in individual requests being sent to their System Administrator teams. Without this obstruction in place, the process becomes far more efficient – both retarding the tendency for admin teams to grow and keeping costs down, as well as streamlining workflows by allowing individuals and teams to solve a larger slice of their issues without involving the System Admin team. This can include requesting new access permissions from their managers, waiting for confirmation and approval, or more.   

At the same time, with read-only right granted and only to their relevant files, contentACCESS makes it easy to maintain security – both in terms of fulfilling legal requirements (retention policies, right to be forgotten and sensitive data protection) as well as safety from accidental or deliberate deletion of files from the archive 

The ease of access is compounded by our officeGATE for Outlook tool, which allows employees to view their archives directly in Outlook client. In conjunction with our powerful full-text search, this means that employees can identify archived emails or find particular attached files, and either copy them out of the archive or directly attach them to emails. Working with archived files has never been easier.  

Interested in learning more? Contact us to schedule a meeting and learn more about how TECH-ARROW can streamline your workflows and help keep your data both accessible and secure. You can read more about our unique solutions here: contentACCESS Backup & Archive.  


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by Matúš Koronthály