Archiving your Microsoft Teams chats and channels is a business necessity

Microsoft Teams, the replacement for Microsoft Skype for Business and only major competitor to Slack for business chat and communications, continues to grow. In a short time, Microsoft went from a new entrant to the market to – thanks in large part to the COVID pandemic and rise of home office – the dominant player. This has established a large stream of new communications outside traditional channels which may not be captured by older archiving and backup solutions. As covered in previous articles, it is increasingly key to be archiving your Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams has grown into the largest instant chat for business

In 2019, when the pandemic started, MS Teams had 20 million users.

By Spring 2020, according to BusinessofApps, they had 75 million.

In 2022, Microsoft announced that Teams was used by 270 million users, a dramatic increase from the 145 million reported in 2021.

These users are spread over a million organizations in 181 countries, including 183,000 educational institutions.

Together with competing platforms like Slack and Zoom, both of which Teams has now comfortably eclipsed, these numbers represent the skyrocketing growth of the professional chat application, taking the advantages associated with simple chats and applying them to a business environment. They allow for easier cooperation in groups, instant communication, and in the case of Teams with their integration to the rest of Microsoft 365 also a fast and easy way to share documents or upload files directly to company SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams usage is covered only with a few compliant archiving solutions

Microsoft Teams chat platform now represents a sizeable of critical company data and business communications. Many existing systems including legacy archive and backup ones will not capture this critical data. This opens your company to a risk; data not being captured can’t be restored in cases of deletion or corruption. In some countries, it may also be requested under eDiscovery regulations.

As part of Teams’ explosive growth at the start of the pandemic, we saw the coming need of our clients for an archiving solution for the chat application. Our solution, developed in the first year of the pandemic, has been acclaimed as the best option out there by companies looking through the possibilities. If your company uses Teams – we have the ideal answer to your needs.

Archive your Microsoft Teams Business Chat and Channels with contentACCESS

TECH-ARROW prides ourselves on remaining on top of the newest developments in the business world and ensuring our solutions reflect changing market conditions. Our contentACCESS Teams Archive represents the best solution for capturing your communications through Teams, preserving them for either legal requirements or future use. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to store your Microsoft Teams messages on-premises or in a cloud environment: contentACCESS is the best archiving solution behind your Microsoft Teams.

If you are looking for the best solution to secure your Microsoft Teams chats, channels and stored files, which also meets all your business needs and legal requirements, ask for a free consultation with our team. We will be glad to provide you with further information and prove that our solution is the best choice for your business.



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by Matúš Koronthály

Source: BusinessofApps