Microsoft Teams, diversification of communication channels, and the increasing need for complex archiving

Microsoft Teams took over where Microsoft’s Skype for Business had left off – providing a chatting and communications platform for enterprise use, and prompting diversification of business’ internal communication channels. These days it sees greatly increased use, with the ability to automatically upload files onto SharePoint and other significant functions gained in combination with the rest of the Office 365 suite.

With the introduction of Microsoft Teams Essentials, Teams is rapidly positioning itself as the main communication tool for businesses. With the possibility of switching on the fly between text chat in real time and voice or video, it improves and streamlines your internal communications. Millions of employees have split their communications, internal information and other content between Teams chat and email client.

Internal communication channels for enterprises in the modern Microsoft 365 environment

As touched on in this regarding365 blog, the presence of Teams has had a transformational effect on internal channels. The functions that made MS Teams the ideal choice for cooperation world-wide also caused communications to split between multiple channels – chat services and email. Email still maintains its role in longer-term projects where the ability to refer to earlier communiques is key.

As firms begin taking advantage of the possibilities offered by Teams, more key communications streams are being shifted to the novel platform. How long does it take for you to decide if you will send a file via email, Teams, or via a shared link? Do you consider the security level offered by each possibility? It is imperative that your business captures and archives all crucial data the same way they backup the traditional channels like email. Fortunately, TECH-ARROW provides you with a comprehensive business solution.

Archiving multiple communication channels with TECH-ARROW

TECH-ARROW offers a native Office 365 archiving solution. In addition to email, our contentACCESS family offers the potential for archiving both MS Teams communications and the SharePoint files Teams automatically generates. In this way, ensure that all your key business information is retained for future reference and use. And with the possibilities provided by our democratized archive access, the use of this information is faster and easier than ever.

Now is the time to take charge of your data security and assure all your internal communications are captured for future needs. Contact our team for a free consultation so we can answer all your questions and present you our contentACCESS archive solution.


Take the best steps to protect your data – with TECH-ARROW.

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Source: Microsoft 365 Blog

by Matúš Koronthály