5 reasons to migrate from Veritas Enterprise Vault

Enterprise Vault from Veritas has been around in various iterations for two decades. For a time it took a preeminent position on the archiving market. Since then, however, the world has changed and many of the features that made it a contender are no longer sufficient. As such, it’s instructive to look at the five  main reasons to migrate from Veritas Enterprise Vault:

  1. Legacy Technology – Enterprise Vault came into being in 2006. Since then, not all portions of the technology have been refreshed equally. That legacy technology is coupled with third-party acquired products created in separate modules. As a natural consequence, the user experience is difficult and relies on navigating a variety of different modules, which may or may not cover all the electronic communications and data your organization generates.
  2. Lack of Real-Time Data Delivery – The archiving systems do not capture communications in real time, creating a gap between data being created and the archive securely storing a copy. This opens your organization up to potential risk.
  3. Limited Archive Access – Enterprise Vault only allows certain users to search and export and does not provide simple end user access to the archive. This places the burden on your IT department to manage any requests for access or file retrieval, ranging from mundane employee requests to legal requirements.
  4. Lack of Web Access – Enterprise Vault is not a web enabled system, meaning you can only access the archive from behind the corporate firewall. This places stark limitations on your ability to work with archived critical data.
  5. Separate Modules, Separate Login – Enterprise Vault forces you to log into separate modules piecemeal, with no ability to view all email, social, and mobile communication data from one location. This fragmentary nature has negative implications for your productivity and efficiency as it forces users to leapfrog between multiple independent systems to access archived data.

As a consequence of these issues, Enterprise Vault has long ceased to be a frontrunner in the archiving world; many of the lacking features and legacy elements represent either inefficiencies or outright risks for your organization. As such, it is recommended that you begin considering whether they remain a viable option for you long-term.

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by Matúš Koronthály