A colleague may have taken files and data – how can I tell?

The scenario is one that causes companies a massive headache. A member of your team, perhaps disgruntled after an incident, may have taken files or data belonging to the company – or worse, to customers. For the admin team, this scenario is a nightmare. Fortunately, there’s some easy ways to if not prevent, then at least trace and mitigate this.

What is a chain of custody and why does it matter?

The main way to prevent a number of common misuses of authority, data theft or other problems is by establishing and following a clear chain of custody. In brief, the chain of custody is the chronological documentation of a given document or piece of data – the paper trail showing who accessed, moved, downloaded, or altered a given document.

Being able to establish a chain of custody for a given piece of data makes it less likely there will be any data leaks or misuse to begin with, since it helps maintain a greater degree of accountability. However, it is also not as simple as it sounds, especially for large organizations with potentially terabytes of data and dozens if not hundreds of individuals working with stored information.

This is usually therefore achieved with specialized chain of custody software that helps with tracking individual actions. There’s a variety of options available, all of which share the same basic set of functions. However, the need to keep another software solution running increases your overhead and adds more complexity to online structures. There’s a simpler way:

Track custody using our archive

TECH-ARROW’s contentACCESS archive and backup includes a number of productivity enhancing features, from mobile access to a full-text search – but we also offer a number of features regarding monitoring and auditing of access. Where is your data located and who is authorized to access it? Who has exercised this right? These are all questions we aim to make easy to answer.

Interested in learning more about this topic, or other aspects of your business that contentACCESS can simplify? Contact us. Our team has combined decades of experience in the archiving field, and is ready to schedule a consultation where we can go over how you can best leverage that experience for your business.


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by Matúš Koronthály