What are Disaster Recovery plans and why do you need one?

Organizations worldwide are gradually becoming fully digitized, moving their critical information largely into digital formats and snowballing their data volumes. This creates a point of failure that needs to be addressed to maintain business continuity. So it’s time to ask: What are Disaster Recovery plans and why does your organization need one?

Disaster recovery plans

Disaster recovery (or DR) plans represent a prepared series of steps to take when an unplanned incident – be that a security breach, an internal software issue or a hardware failure – threatens to disrupt the smooth running of your operations.

There is a number of existing frameworks out there for how to establish a coherent disaster recovery plan, some older and some more up to date, but all sharing some key points. They emphasize preventative steps that ease the process of recovery – having full documentation, prioritizing resilience in one’s systems, and maintaining a realistic risk assessment among them.

They also point out the possibilities inherent in the Cloud as a method of adding another layer of protection. Storing data on the cloud has the virtue of rendering your archive virtually immune to computer failures by decoupling it from your local infrastructure.

Archive and backup your data

One of the shared points in all disaster recovery plans is the ability to restore deleted, corrupted, encrypted or otherwise lost data; your organization has to be able to maintain continuity and continue operations after any negative event. Failure to do so can have extreme consequences, including the death of the organization as a whole.

The easiest way to ensure this continuity is to have in place an archive or backup software which captures your data separate from the live system. This archive or backup, when properly airgapped, can escape the effects of whatever event impacted your organization and as such can keep your data available, either for immediate access in the case of an archive or for granular or complete restore in the case of backups.

Secure archiving with TECH-ARROW

TECH-ARROW can simplify the preparation of a quality disaster recovery plan thanks to our unitary contentACCESS Archive and Backup. When archives are properly isolated from live systems, they are resilient and likely to remain unaffected by a wide range of points of failure. Your infrastructure’s robustness also can be boosted to new levels by choosing to archive on the Cloud with our contentACCESS Cloud Archive. That data can then smoothly be retrieved in the case of ransomware, data corruption, or any number of other issues you may potentially experience.

Our archive and backup can capture a wide range of data from varied systems, keeping it secure while also maintaining easy access for retrieval. You can operate with peace of mind knowing that your emails, files, SharePoint data, or Microsoft Teams communications are secure and can be instantly accessed when needed.

If you are interested in setting your company up for success and protecting it with contentACCESS archiving solution, contact us for a free consultation or demonstration of our products and services. Archive smarter – with contentACCESS.


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by Matúš Koronthály