Cyberattack on Lincoln University

Ransomware continues to ramp up and escalate as one of the major areas of concern for enterprises and businesses worldwide. It is also one of the fastest developing avenues of threat, with an increasingly decentralized and complex system. Thanks to the new Ransomware as a Service model, malware developers are separated from its spread and operations making the attacks both more frequent and harder to stop. At the same time, many industries remain manifestly unprepared for dealing with the challenges a modern cybersecurity environment presents. Last month, as reported by Cybernews, there was a cyberattack on Lincoln University by ransomware.

In combination with the financial difficulties thrust upon them by the COVID pandemic, the impact of the ransomware has been sufficiently severe that the University is forced to close their doors permanently. Other universities have previously suffered similar attacks, with Austin Peay in Tennessee finding themselves temporarily forced to suspend day-to-day operations this April.

Your sensitive data is exposed in a digital environment

Imagine you are in the role of any institution – be it a university or more standard business – in either case, all your important data collected over the years and all the know-how you rely on are digitized. Your payroll, employee or enrollment information, and other sensitive data are in all likelihood shifted online. With employees or students increasingly online in their day-to-day life, your internal systems have a high-risk posture with regards to external threats. And with a high probability, your organization will not have given much priority or investment to security infrastructure. When an attack comes, your most important data are left exposed.

The first and most obvious steps any institution should take to secure themselves against ransomware or other online threats is to make sure they have an archiving system in place; thanks to the presence of an archive, their data can be kept insulated from the effects of an attack and it becomes possible to “roll back” to unaffected versions.

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Source: Cybernews

by Matúš Koronthály