Cybersecurity field continues to grow into 2024

Continuing trends from the last years, cybersecurity continues to grow into 2024 as we reach Q2 of this year. We have already seen a number of cyberattacks and breaches of major organizations in the last quarter, while certain other trends including compliance continue to rise in importance.

The continued drivers of cybersecurity as a topic include continued cyberthreats, escalating regulatory compliance measures, the AI-driven digital transformation, as well as increased awareness of the dangers and opportunities posed. Let’s look at each of these in turn:

Cyberattacks in 2024

Since the year’s start, there have already been several high profile cases including a confirmed hack of Insomniac and an alleged hack of Epic Games, both threatening to leak sensitive data. Both of these pale in comparison to the massive breach of the UnitedHealthcare Group, the latest in a recent spate of attacks targeting healthcare infrastructure in the United States.

As in the past few years, concerns about cyberattacks continue to be a major driver of investment into cybersecurity – whether that be training, employee education, or new security systems. But as the continued spate of cyberattacks make clear, the pace of investment is not sufficient to completely shut down the threat and cyberattacks continue to pose a major hazard and challenge going forward into the rest of 2024.

Regulations and regulatory compliance

As we have discussed in the past months, regulations attempting to govern the space of data retention, storage, and security continue to mount. DORA, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and others place increasingly stringent requirements on companies to adhere to strict data protection, storage and security standards.

As a consequence, the cybersecurity field has grown to accommodate these needs and help achieve compliance with the new restrictions various governments and regulatory bodies have put in place. This means training new experts, but also developing new technologies that cover the requirements older systems no longer meet.

Increasing awareness of cybersecurity

Thanks to the amount of attention the topic has received, there is a rising awareness of cybersecurity and what impact it can have on organizations and businesses. As a consequence, the field is far more discussed than it was previously and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Part of the driving force is the growth of AI and the so-called Internet of Things; both are relatively recent developments that have the potential to greatly improve business growth and open new opportunities. At the same time, they are growing as-yet unmatured fields that may open new cybersecurity risks, so their growth is prompting a corresponding growth in cybersecurity specialists focused on these subfields.

Secure your systems with archives and backups

With continued cyberattacks and newer regulations coming into play, it is imperative that organizations manage to keep their data secure and retained in a system that meets all regulatory requirements as well as current security needs.

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by Matúš Koronthály