Storage Optimizer – Your key to savings

Introduced late last year, Storage Optimizer for Microsoft 365 continues to be the only freely available tool for analyzing your data usage and giving clear, actionable advice including estimated costs savings.

Data volume is a major concern for organizations of all sizes; overflow costs on SharePoint are a significant part of overhead, driving organizational costs beyond reasonable limits. The data volume in SharePoint ends up including OneDrive and Microsoft Teams as well; with these added sources, it becomes laughably easy to go over the standard limits Microsoft sets.

Of course, you can always simply delete some of your data to make room and avoid these costs. But this presents a number of snags:

  • How do you know what data is causing you to overflow? Deleting items is at best a stopgap until you can identify the root cause
  • How do you know you won’t need the files you’re deleting later? Business continuity needs and data storage regulations can all throw a wrench into your plans

With Storage Optimizer, you can immediately identify where your company is using your data and where you can best leverage contentACCESS’ shortcutting to free up space and reduce any costs incurred on your organization.

Explore the advantages of Storage Optimizer

You can see a complex run-through of the Storage Optimizer in the following video, including all the relevant features and the user experience, from download all the way through your report!

Coming soon

TECH-ARROW is working hard to introduce Storage Optimizer Pro – the final word in data storage insights and SharePoint storage optimization. Offering a significantly expanded report, Storage Optimizer Pro builds on the groundbreaking potential of our Basic version to give users an enhanced ability to track and alter their storage use. This report can now also be exported, allowing you to better share these insights and better include your data structure in existing materials, meetings or reports.

In addition, Storage Optimizer PRO introduces the possibility of taking complete control of your data by removing irrelevant or unused data with the simple click of a button. Interested in learning more? Follow our blog for more news, updates, and features. Or contact us to get started now!


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by Matúš Koronthály