Introducing Storage Optimizer for Microsoft 365

TECH-ARROW continues to push the boundaries in terms of both archiving and backup solutions as well as storage generally. To that end, we would like to introduce you to the last word in efficiency: our Storage Optimizer application for Microsoft 365.

What is Storage Optimizer for Microsoft 365?

The Storage Optimizer tool brings together a collection of features to allow organizations to better maintain an overview of their data storage structure and make informed decisions regarding how best to alter, optimize or upkeep various aspects.

Our tool provides an overview of your SharePoint by looking over your individual sites as well as the associated OneDrive and MS Teams, and providing graphs and statistics regarding the size of your files, documents, videos and versions, as well as your potential savings in both data volume and incurred costs.

This information is something that is not natively easily accessible in SharePoint, which can obfuscate key points like which sites represent the majority of an organization’s data load, what file types are causing the greatest burden (for example, if videos make up a disproportionate amount of your storage volume), and much more – where our application lays it out all presented in a clear, concise graphical report that allows decision makers to make informed choices.

How does the Storage Optimizer work?

When given access to SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams, the tool proceeds to sort through your sites and begin organizing sites and files based on their size, their age, and how often they are changed. Once this is done, a report is generated.

Our report shows global storage information which SharePoint does not normally make visible to users and admins through built-in tools, including document versions and other hidden files. It categorizes the data stored by sites as well as by file types and distribution, giving a high-level overview for site managers and administrators.

Finally, the report gives three distinct recommendations for reducing storage costs – a Minimal, Optimal or Aggressive offloading strategy. Our system decides based on the chosen strategy which files can be safely offloaded from SharePoint to an archive and replaced with a smaller shortcut. Based on this, it generates a statement of how much you could save on data storage if you offloaded these files to an archive or other more cost-effective storage system.

Why does this matter?

Storage and data overflow costs continue to represent a large portion of companies’ expenditures. Being able to identify where your company is using your data allows you to make critical decisions to lower storage overflow costs to acceptable limits or otherwise optimize the storage structures.

In addition to this high-level overview, our tool identifies areas for you where you can best leverage contentACCESS’ shortcutting to free up space and reduce any costs incurred on your organization. Offloading your data via shortcutting maintains access to your files and information without limits, allowing you to maintain productivity – but at the same time drastically reduces the actual load on your live system and lets you compress data volumes on your SharePoint.

Revolutionize your data storage and reduce your costs!

Take advantage of the Storage Optimizer tool to enjoy an unparalleled clarity in your data. Afford your organization and your decision makers the best overview of your data structure, associated costs, and potential for savings on the market – for free!

Try Storage Optimizer for Microsoft 365 today and explore all the possibilities and benefits it can offer. If you have any questions about how best to leverage this system, contact us and arrange a consultation with our experts, who will be glad to walk you through our solution. Take this opportunity and bring your organization into the modern world of online storage – with TECH-ARROW.


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by Matúš Koronthály