officeGATE version 4.0 – details

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The following list will give a quick overview about the newest improvements that officeGATE version 4.0 brings to you:

✓ Check-in management

From now on, you will be able to see and manage the SharePoint item’s check-in/check-out status. officeGATE will inform you if the item is checked out and by whom. You will be also able to check out or check-in a document directly in officeGATE.

✓ Creating new item

Previously officeGATE allowed uploading existing items to SharePoint. In the new version, we have extended this functionality to allow also creating new items. The new item creation supports library templates and content type templates. All possible options provided in SharePoint’s new item creation menu are available in officeGATE too!

✓ Creating Outlook calendar entry

Calendars in SharePoint have less features compared to calendars in Exchange. officeGATE fills the gap by (optionally) creating calendar entries in Exchange based on the SharePoint item. These entries are then kept in sync, the modifications are synchronized between the parties too. The created Exchange calendar entry is sent to participants and has all features like notifications.

✓ contentACCESS item preview

The new contentACCESS item preview eliminates the need to download a huge email from the server only in order to get some text from the email body or to provide a preview of a conversion in Teams archive. The preview gives you direct access to textual content of the item, but also to its attachments. The attachments can be then saved or attached to a new email. The double click operation on an item in contentACCESS provider will now open the new preview window instead of downloading the item.