Why You Should Consider Migrating from Dell SourceOne

Dell EMC SourceOne is reaching its end of life (EOL) date; Dell has tentatively placed the End of Support Service (EOSS) date at December 2024, which places a hard deadline on companies currently making use of their archive and email management system. Companies are therefore placed in a conundrum regarding what to do with their existing archive – namely, the prospect of identifying an alternative, and then migrating from Dell SourceOne all existing data.

For any company whose information is stored in a system about to reach EOL, there is a temptation to coast and try to soldier on with the existing system in place for as long as possible. This, as discussed in our blog here, is a mistake. Critical business data is one of your most valuable assets and ensuring safe and reliable retention must necessarily be a key priority.

Identifying a viable alternative system

The first priority for a company seeking to migrate their critical information from one archiving solution to another is to identify the best possible target system. There are a number of factors at play here, starting from the likely service life to the features required by your company.

Having recently had to migrate from a system reaching end of support, it is likely on your mind that you find a new system both likely to continue seeing active support and that is in this moment being kept up to date and reflective of market needs. This rules out a number of older archiving platforms, which have not been as flexible in accommodating market changes.

Furthermore, it is key to identify your company’s business needs and tailor your email archive to reflect them. Scalability, flexibility, ease of access, security measures, and other considerations have to be ranked and a system selected that best matches your priorities.

Migrating to your newly selected system

The next step after you have identified the best target system for your business is to actually begin migrating from Dell SourceOne. Many companies treat this part of the process as a mere formality and don’t afford it the same scrutiny as they do to selecting the new archive. This is a mistake.

The migration process is complex and, if not done correctly, may lead to a potential corruption or loss of data. As such, all possible measures need to be taken to minimize this risk. This may include ensuring you have a team prepared to perform the migration in-house. However, it is often times cheaper, easier and safer to leverage outside expertise.

Meet all your company needs with TECH-ARROW

TECH-ARROW represents an ideal version for companies facing the necessity of migrating away from Dell SourceOne; our company offers both services in migration using our powerful contentGATE migrator tool, as well as a modern and flexible archive and backup system in our contentACCESS suite.

Our contentGATE migrator tool offers companies an easy and stress-free way to migrate their archived data while minimizing any risks of data loss. Leverage our decades of experience and take full advantage of our team to ensure your migration goes off smoothly.

contentACCESS represents a modern archiving system tailored to meet the demands of the current archiving market. our archive can also guarantee all the retention options and policies required to ensure your company remains not only safe and secure, but also in compliance with the continuously expanding legal frameworks regulating data retention.

Despite the increase in security, contentACCESS ensures your stored data remains continuously available. Our solution provides coverage of your most critical business information – including SharePointEmailsMicrosoft Teams chats, and other files. All of these are kept secure within a single unified archiving system, while remaining completely accessible for your employees through a variety of means including our Web Access portal, Outlook integration options, mobile app, and our newest mailApp.

If you’re ready to take the next step in protecting your critical business data, contact us; our team of experts is ready and waiting to talk to you about your company archiving and migration needs, and is happy to schedule a cost-free consultation to discuss your next steps into a productive future.


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by Matúš Koronthály